Copy Writing

The Boy in Blue

Hi I am Euson. My interest for design like most designers started growing since I was a kid. I was inspired mostly by Japanese cartoon, anime. Design has always been a hobby until I have fully grown into a designer with beliefs and dreams.

My philosophy as a designer is that to create visuals that reach out to audiences. Engaging them and guide them through visual imagery and experiences. Make design a catalyst to audiences’ understanding and ease the reading experience. Reaching out to people, connect them with a message, solution and hence, as the potential to change the world, bit by bit. I relish in the challenge of facing problems and creating great solutions.

How I Work

My belief as a designer is “Every design has to sell”, I’ve always consider myself a marketing designer. Putting acquisitions aside, the message, visual, concept & strategy have to be spot on to cater to the targeted end users.

Like the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright once said “I never design a building before I’ve seen the site but met the people who will be using it.” Design is not only about aesthetic, it is designing for needs. Designing for a purpose.

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